IDEATEK is located on Mingjiadong Road, Economic Development Zone, Qihe County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province and is a one-stop five-axis machining center solution provider with production and R&D, creating the most cost-effective solution that is truly suitable for domestic and foreign markets. five-axis machining center equipment.

Five-axis machining centers are mainly used in solid wood furniture, sanitary ware, luggage, machinery manufacturing, automobiles, aerospace, shipbuilding, high-speed rail, precision instruments, new energy, environmental protection, casting molds and other industries. They can be used for solid wood, metal, stone, PVC\ABS \PP\PE, rubber and plastic, polyurethane, carbon fiber, glass fiber and other composite materials can be processed with high efficiency and high precision in multiple processes and angles such as chamfering, milling, grooves, drilling, and engraving.


IDEATEK strictly controls quality. Through the selection of accessories, the processing of the bed, and the strict testing of the quality inspection department, we strive for excellence and strive to achieve perfection in every detail. Accessories come from world-famous brands: system - Taiwan SYNTEC system, motor - Japan YASKAWA servo motor system.


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