Composite Materials

The matrix materials of composite materials are divided into two categories: metal and non-metal. Commonly used metal substrates include aluminum, magnesium, copper, titanium and their alloys.

Non-metallic substrates mainly include synthetic resin, rubber, ceramics, graphite, carbon, etc. Reinforcement materials mainly include glass fiber, carbon fiber, boron fiber, aramid fiber, silicon carbide fiber, asbestos fiber, whiskers, etc.

With the rapid development of science and technology, composite materials have gradually replaced traditional wood and metal alloys with their excellent chemical stability, friction reduction and wear resistance, self-lubrication, heat resistance and fatigue resistance, creep resistance, sound attenuation, electrical insulation, etc. performance, are increasingly used in the defense industry, aerospace, automobiles, ships, precision machinery, submersibles, robot structural parts and high-end sporting goods, etc.

IDEATEK has developed a 5-axis machining center specifically suitable for composite materials, which reduces labor costs, improves problems that arise in traditional processing of composite materials, and improves production efficiency.

Composite Materials

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