Product Details

Configuration list

1. Taiwan SYNTEC 5-axis control system enables RTCP compensation1
2. X-axis Japan YASKAWA 1.8KW large inertia servo motor1
3. Y-axis Japan YASKAWA 1.3KW large inertia servo motor2  
4. Z-axis Japan YASKAWA 1.8KW large inertia brake servo motor1
5. Italian bridge-type5-axis head, Italian 12kw automatic tool changing spindle1
6. X-axis Taiwan PMI-4020 high-precision screw1
7.  Y-axis Taiwan PMI-4020 high-precision screw2
8. Z-axis Taiwan PMI-3210 high-precision screw1
9. X-axis Taiwan HIWIN 35 square rail-flange slider3
10. X-axis Taiwan HIWIN 35 square rail-flange slider4
11. Z-axis Taiwan HIWIN35 square rail-flange slider2
12. Taiwan 15KW Delta vector inverter1
13. Vacuum adsorption countertop2
14. Effective stroke 1300x1300mmx500mm (X.Y.Z)2
15. Central gas storage system1
16. Central lubrication device1
17. 5 tool changing tool holders, servo tool magazine1
18. Spring knife holder and inspection tool1
19. Factory quality inspection sheet1
20. Certificate of conformity1
21. German Beck vacuum pump 5.5kw1

Technical Parameters

X-axis maximum travel2800mm
Y-axis maximum travel1300mm
Z-axis maximum travel500mm
Maximum gantry width4000mm
Maximum gantry height2800mm
A-axis swing angle-120°⁓120°
C-axis rotation angle-400°⁓400°
X, Y axis movement speed0⁓60000mm/min
Z axis movement speed0⁓30000mm/min
A, C-axis movement speed170、270°/sec
X, Y axis feed speed0⁓30000mm/min
Z axis feed speed0⁓25000mm/min
X, Y, Z axis feed acceleration3m/s2
Workbench load-bearing80kg/㎡
Spindle maximum speed24000r/min
Maximum output power30kw
Machine packaging size4.2x3.2x3.7m LHW
Machine weight7ton