The Diversity Acres Philosophy and Focus

     At Diversity Acres we grow irises and other perennials in a sustainable manner.  That means out first source of nutrients is not a granulated synthetic fertilizer.  Instead it comes right from our beds.  We recycle anything we weed our of our beds minus noxious weeds, diseased plant material or seed ladened stems.  Some things do need to be disposed of but for the most part we find our plant food right next to the plants we grow for your gardening pleasure.  At times we compost the collected material first and spread it later.  Most often we simply cut and lay it down in the beds around our plant stock allowing it to rot away slowly while providing a weed supressing mulch.  This saves time transporting such materials to be composted if they don't need to be and it provides immediate benefits to the plants in terms on nutrients, soil protection, reduced water usage, weed supression and new organic matter to support a healthy soil ecosystem.  This also saves us the cost of buying soil ammendments through the year and it's a savings we pass along to our customers with reasonable prices on our everyday plant stock.

     If you like the idea of growing and buying sustainably produced plants for your flower gardens then give us a try as we diversify into other types of ornimetal garden perennials!


                     Thanks! - R. Eagles, Owner/Op