Photo Print / Size Chart Infromation

Print Materials:  My prints are high resolution originals. They are produced for Diversity Acres by Kodak Alaris on high-quality Kodak Ektacolor Edge Paper with a gloss finish using quality and techniuques developed by the orginial Kodak company.  I considered many companies for this task but decided there is no better than Kodak materials.  Prints are shipped to me first so I can assess them, add the needed information and send them on to you.

Listing Bug:  I have notcied when mousing over some horizontally oriented pictures the maginfication box prohibits accessing the print letter dropdown menu.  To counter this simply select a vertically oriented picture.

Final Print Sizes: There is some reduction of picture area on the short edge of a print as larger sizes are selected due to formating.  This is normal but results in a slightly smaller picture in the final print for a given size.  Print resolution, scale and final print size are not affected.  I select high quality large uncropped pictures to use for my print production to compensate for this.  Size chart comparions below give you an estimate of the borders of a final print.  Some pictures are aligned better than others and suffer little to no loss regardless of print size.  At its worst, this loss is roughly equal to 1/4 inch off each short end for an 8 x 10 print when estimating this on the pictures here on the website.


Estimated sizes of final prints for horizantally oriented pictures.



Estimated sizes of final prints for vertically oriented pictures.